In the Spirit of Halloween I Realize Fears Change Over Time

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In the Spirit of Halloween I Realize Fears Change Over Time

I was taking the kids to the bus stop this morning and loved seeing all the adults driving by in costumes (kids can no longer wear costumes to school, someone thought it was a bad idea).  It made me think about all the fun times I had growing up, dressing up, pretending to be a princess or a punk rocker for the day.  I would walk about a mile and a half and knew every person at every home ( I grew up in Queens, NY so that was a lot of people).  The things that scared me most then were the imaginary goblins,  ghouls and the ghosts that came out that night or were hiding under my bed.

When I moved out to AZ, I was 23 at the time, I went to this place  called The Nest.  One of those places where people dress up as scary things and jump out at you.  I tested my resolve that night when my friend Brooke’s jacket got caught on a stake in the ground, a guy with a chainsaw came at us and instead of helping her get unstuck I hurdled over her, ran as my fast as my legs could carry me to the exit, and left her to perish with the crazy, psycho murderer who was sure to hack her into little pieces. Not one of my proudest moments and I learned I would not fare well in an emergency :). Fortunately Brooke forgave me, we laugh about it now and she is still one of my dearest friends :)

Now the things that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up are no longer the zombies and the witches, it is the unexpected  expenses, emergency situations, family problems, car issues, legal challenges, etc that come up when of course, I am not mentally prepared for it.  I joked with my husband, if he really wanted to scare me this Halloween, don’t dress up like a vampire and jump out from behind a door, throw a $5000 car repair bill I didn’t prepare for.  Then I read my friend Linda Ryan ‘s Blog about giving up control is the best way to stay in control.  I am starting to be more aware that I can not control the unexpected, but I can expect the best to happen even when the unexpected does happen.  So today I am going back to being frightened by ghosts and goblins, it helps to remind me to enjoy the kid still a part of me.



  1. What a great perspective on fear, Christie! Interesting how our fears evolve and what once used to scare us, now makes us laugh. Hoping the things which scare us today (unexpected bills, car issues, etc) will soon be things which make us laugh :-)
    PS. Thanks so much for the mention of my blog~ muchas gracias!

    • It does evolve, you are absolutely right :) I look forward to reading this blog 30 years from now and see how I have changed yet again.

      My pleasure…your blog was great and very eye opening!

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