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The beginning of a year is a time for us to reflect back while simultaneously looking  forward.  We have hopefully  learned from our past lessons and we are figuring out how to implement a new method to becoming successful, in whatever part of our life we want.  Thanks to the help of the amazing and insightful Dondi Scumaci and the wonderful people who commented on a recent Facebook discussion she started, I came up with my affirmation for 2012.  It is: I have Faith, Strength and Clarity.

Last year was wonderful for me.  I met many like minded people who helped me stay accountable to what I do, I started new endeavors, and  stopped doing some things that really weren’t working for me.  So I decided in 2012 (notice I said I decided.  I am not waiting for anyone or anything to get started) that I am going to have FAITH that 2012 is going to bring me new and exciting relationships that will lead to a growth in business and my personal life, I have STRENGTH to follow up with and through with the plans that I see fit my goals and I will have the CLARITY that the newest, shiniest tool is not necessarily the best thing for me and the achievement of my goals.

If you get the opportunity please read this great blog by Dixie Gillaspie.  It is about looking at the goals you have set and how some may not fit you as well any more.  It’s OK to change things around in order to keep you focused on what is important.

Do you have a new mantra or affirmation for 2012?  Is there anything you want to reorganize in your life?

I have Faith that you will have a wonderful 2012 and I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year!



  1. I love this post Christie, thank you! Great support that I will be adding to my 2012 plan!!!

    Love affirmations, yours is just genius!

    Warm regards!


    • Thank you so much for the kind words Pili!! If there is anything I can assist you with in 2012 I will be happy to help however I can…make it a great year!!

      • My pleasure! Thank you Christie, that would be great!!!

  2. Wonderful post Christie. In the same way you found inspiration from Dondi and Dixie, I too find inspiration from you. Your mantra of Faith, Strength and Clarity are perfect gems to reflect on and put into action. Thank you for starting off my year with your wisdom!

    • Wow…thank you so much for giving me that compliment….I am glad I was able to pass on the inspiration. :-) Happy New Year my friend!

  3. Really great post Christie. Like Barb said, very inspiring. I haven’t read Dondi’s post yet, so I’ll stop back after I do and share, but I know Happiness is gonna be in there. Plain old, simple, HAPPINESS for 2012. What could be better?!

    • Thank you Linda :-) Ohhhh…good one Linda…happiness! I love it.

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