Mind is The Master

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Mind is The Master

Mind is the Master is a complete treasury of James Allen’s work.  One of the more known books by Mr. Allen is As a Man Thinketh, and yet so many people have not read it (BTW – you can download it for free on Kindle).  I have been thinking about writing this post for about a week now and then the other day I read Randy Gage’s blog on James Allen.  Then Bob Burg wrote a blog about decision making.  That’s when I realized I really wanted to write this post.

One of the cool things in Mind is The Master is the meditation section.  Every day of the year has a new short paragraph to reflect upon.  This is the first thing I read in the morning in order to get myself focused for the day.  The one from March 15th really stands out:

“Man is a thought-being, and his life and character are determined by the thoughts in which he habitually dwells.  By practice, association, and habit, thoughts tend to repeat themselves with greater and greater ease and frequency, and so fix the character in a given direction by producing that automatic action which is called ‘habit’.  By daily dwelling upon pure thoughts, the man of mediation forms the habit of pure and enlightened thinking, which leads to pure and enlightened actions, and well-performed actions.  By the ceaseless repetition of pure thoughts, he at last becomes one with those thoughts, and is purifies being, manifesting his attainment in pure action”.

I love the power in this paragraph.  It helps me understand that whatever I think, whatever thought I practice enough, will become a habit, an action I just perform.  In turn that gives me the confidence to work hard, continue to say my affirmations, and have faith that my success will come.

How does this paragraph make you feel?



  1. I LOVE this paragraph, Christie~ just printed it so I can “get to know it better.” To me, this is a reminder to be aware of what I am thinking, especially when things are not going the way I would like. Affirmations help a lot, as does meditation…as does reading a great post like this! Thanks Christie :-)

    • Thank you Linda! It really stuck with me as well and I keep going back to it. The one for today is really good too. I could write a blog every day for the next 5 years just on James Allen and his work

  2. It gives me hope that the words of worthlessness that are buried somewhere within, WILL go away if I keep trying hard.

    • They do Amy! I know because I have had anxiety relieved and I have more confidence because of internalizing these thoughts

  3. Love this post Christie, such a great reading to a new start and to keep us moving forward with faith and confidence!
    Un beso enorme. Gracias!

    • Gracias Pili!!! Un beso!!

  4. Powerful post once again, Christie. I think the passage you highlighted is probably one of the most important paragraphs for any human being to read, study, dwell upon, and input into their beings. And, it makes such logical sense. Thank you once again for another terrific post!

    • Thank you Bob! That one certainly keeps replaying in my mind and I agree it makes complete sense.I am going to print it up and put it on my desk to see every day.

  5. It is too common that people overlook perhaps the most powerful tool they have to influence their life and their future, their own thoughts. One will find few things with more ability to affect one’s destiny than the thoughts they hold. It is both a sacred freedom and an awesome responsibility to use one’s thoughts to maximum effect to shape the life you want for yourself, and the world you create for others. Anything that encourages someone to respect the power of their thoughts and use them intentionally everyday is welcomed by me.

    • Wow Joseph that was a very powerful and amazing comment! Thank you so much for sharing with me and I agree with everything you said.

  6. I love your post! Makes you really stop and think!

    • Thank you Michelle! I am glad you liked it :)

  7. “In turn that gives me the confidence to work hard, continue to say my affirmations, and have faith that my success will come.”<—I don't knowif it's that much about affirmations, though. To me, affirmations sound a bit "fake"; like "fake it 'til you make it" (have a hard time connecting with/getting juiced about that). I love that paragraph because it grounds me; it makes me feel secure in that things are as they should be. It makes me certain that acting by reason, and doing the right things, is the way to go.

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