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10 Pack of the Booklets ($37.50)
Set yourself apart by constantly adding value to your clients and prospects. Send them The Success Formula booklet in a standard #10 envelope and witness as they begin to view you as a “person of increase” in their lives. Whether they become clients or just start singing your praises to others, this little effort will be leveraged into potentially big gains for your business.


4 Audio CDs plus transcript and workbook
Unleash the power of Benjamin Franklin’s personal system for self- transformation in your life. Apply the methods in this unique system and turn your least effective character traits into some of your strongest ones.


4 Audio CDs and workbook
We all know that remembering names would make us much more attractive and effective in our businesses. However, most of us simply aren’t naturally good at it. This simple program is designed to help even those of us with the worst memories to be able to instantly recall the names and faces of those we come in contact with.