Use Technology To Cream Your Competition!!

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Use Technology To Cream Your Competition!!

If you knew my wife Tonya you would love everything about her!!  I can confidently say that about her because after 19 years of wedded bliss, I have yet to find someone who doesn’t.  She is truly one of the world’s kindest people!  Tonya cares about people, the Earth, all of God’s creatures, and even about me more than anyone I have ever known.

But,  Tonya could make the concept of “Technologically Challenged” an Olympic Event!  I have learned that she will always be an extremely late adopter of anything new.  The funny part is that I love new things!  I am quick to jump on the technology bus and I love going for the wild ride it creates.

Tonya is a personal trainer and is trying to take her business to an all new level.  A few nights ago we had a conversation that went something like this:

Tonya: “I wish we had a way to accept credit cards from my clients”~Me:  ”We do!”

Tonya: “I wish we had a way to send someone a page that would tell them the benefits of my services.”~Me:  ”We do!”

Tonya:  ”I wish we had a way to follow up with my clients and add value to them.”~Me:  ”We do!”

Tonya:  ”I wish we had a way to let all of my clients know about my next class quickly and inexpensively.”~Me:  ”We do!”

You get the picture! 

Several months ago I had purchased a email marketing package from a company called Infusionsoft that can easily do all of that and more.  Much more.  Why?  Because I became frustrated when I was trying to advertise locally and our town’s radio station required more than $600 per month to advertise on one station in one small area.

I came across internet marketing superstar Brendon Burchard.  Brendon specializes in teaching others how to get their expertise out to the ENTIRE WORLD for about half of what the radio station wanted to market to one small town.   With radio there is no follow up or even an idea if anyone is listening.

In one of his videos Brendon mentioned Infusionsoft so I googled them, took their online demo, and it was love at first sight!!

Yesterday I became a superhero at home when I created an amazing landing page for Tonya to connect with her clients.  Check it out here:

When I showed Tonya and demonstrated the sequence of events that happen when someone fills out her web form, she couldn’t believe it.  This web form leads to an email that she can send to her clients offering them 10 different training packages that they can purchase with a credit card with a click of a button.  The cool thing is that the entire process took me less than a couple hours. And, she can use them an infinite amount of times.  When I asked her what she thought I had been doing with Infusionsoft, she really had no answer.

This got me thinking about YOU and YOUR success.  If you aren’t using Infusionsoft or a similar service, you are putting a lid on your success.  I guarantee your competition is using technology to jeopardize your future!  Make a decision today that technology is not only your friend, it is vital to your survival!

I will make it easy for you.  Here is the link to Infusionsoft’s Demo Videos:

Take a few minutes to learn how to become a Rock Star for YOUR customers.  Infusionsoft cares about your success.  They even assign you a free success coach who will teach you everything you need to know.  Infusionsoft knows that the more effectively you use their product, the more you become a walking advertisement for their incredible technology.  As such, Infusionsoft is heavily invested in your success.  ARE YOU?

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